Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Textual criticism continues at Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen has now announced here the 3 people they are appointing to replace Simon Gathercole and myself on our departure (they advertised 2 positions, but decided on the day to appoint 3). I'm delighted that textual criticism will continue at Aberdeen in the work of Tomas Bokedal (earlier featured here on ETC). Jutta Leonard-Balzer with her range of languages (Coptic, Ethiopic, Armenian) and Jane Heath with her background as a Classicist will also, I'm sure, have something to offer to those interested in TC. I'm very pleased with these appointments and offer my congratulations to them all. I currently have the pleasure of the company of Tomas and his wife Anna, who are staying with us for a few days while they make arrangements for their move.


  1. Congrats to all three. That is good news for Aberdeen. Jane tells me she is VERY keen on textual criticism.

  2. I sent an e-mail to Simon Gathercole at his University of Cambridge e-mail address on Wednesday. I would like to ensure that this is in fact a valid address for him. I do not want to post it here, but would appreciate a reply to my e-mail address at I am inquiring about an article he did a few years ago in JSNT on Rom. 2:14-15. Thank you!