Saturday, April 14, 2007

A TextCriticism Section for ETS 2008?

The Evangelical Theological Society (in USA) is re-organizing their annual meeting, to be implemented this year for the 2008 meeting. They are interested in setting up sections, a la SBL.

As many of the Anglo-Euro crowd of the ETC blog are coming to SBL it might be a good time to consider having a text session during the three days before SBL each year.

The good side is that it provides another forum. For some whose schedules are full it might provide the option of a TC paper when it might not fit within the limitations of an SBL schedule.

A negative might be that several of the papers would want a larger audience as well and might end up being duplicated at SBL, though they could be properly piggy-backed so that someone would do two different stand alone papers that were connected in data or theme. Sort of like "2008 TC paper 1A (ETS)" and "2008 TC paper 1B (SBL)"

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