Monday, April 02, 2007

Tintin in Syriac

For those wanting to train their children to be textual critics, Tintin is now available in Syriac.


  1. It seems from the message on the Hugoye list that the first episode of Tintin in Syriac has actually not been published yet, but one can pre-order a copy, and "help publish" Tintin in America in Syriac.

  2. old/classical Syriac
    or a modern dialect?

    I like collecting items like this and am not ashamed to have ἡ φιλοσόφου λίθος H FILOSOFOY LIQOS for light reading, quite a nice translation.

  3. I can't get the image I saw earlier, but I presume it is Suryoyo, i.e. Neo-Classical Syriac, the best analogy for which would be the sort of Latin the Finn's have on their radio station.