Monday, January 29, 2007

New update to the Kurzgefasste Liste

On the web-page of the INTF (see "links" on the sidebar) another update ("Fortführung") of the Kurzgefasste Liste der griechischen Handschriften des Neuen Testaments (ed. Kurt Aland et al.) was posted in December, which reveals several newly registered manuscripts of the Greek New Testament.

Included are:

Papyri: P100-118
Uncials: 0307-0318
Minuscules: 2857-2880
Lectionaries: L2404-L2436

One of the recently registered MSS is the uncial lectionary L2435 which I happened to discover in the binding of L1126. I was going to collate Jude in L1126 when suddenly I saw on the first frames on the microfilm some obscure but visible majuscule text. Then I had to leave Jude for two days... With some deciphering, concordance-work, etc, I could identify the texts found both on the first and last pages in the binding of L1126, and see how the texts from Matt, Mark and Luke belonged in the same period of the ecclesiastical calendar.


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  2. Are there any similar lists of manuscripts for Latin, Syriac, or Coptic (or at least the earlier manuscripts)?

    Are there any similar lists of manuscripts for the early Church Fathers?

    Altlateinische Handschriften/Manuscrits vieux latins. Mss 1-275. 1999. Roger Gryson

    Altlateinsche Handschriften/Manuscrits vieux latins. Mss 300-485. 2004. Roger Gryson

    Liste der koptischen Handschriften des Neuen Testaments
    Bd. I. Die sahidischen Handschriften der Evangelien. Bearb. von Franz-Jürgen Schmitz und Gerd Mink, mit einem Vorw. von Barbara Aland

    T. 1. 1986, ISBN 3-11-010256-0 (ANTT 8)
    T. 2,1. 1989, ISBN 3-11-012255-3 (ANTT 13)
    T. 2,2. 1991, ISBN 3-11-013015-7 (ANTT 15)

    BEST BIBLIOGRAPHY! (by P.J. Williams)

    I am unaware of any particular catalogue, but consult the editions of the Syriac NT from the INTF, Das Neue Testament in Syrische Überlieferung. See

    Perhaps someone else can fill in...

  4. Thanks Tommy. This brings up another question. Does anyone know whether Reuben Swanson is producing another volume to his series and will he at last use ALL the "papyri"?

  5. Tommy, thanks for the references.

    However, I was hoping for something accessible over the Internet.

  6. For information's sake, the recto of the newly catalogued leaf 2878 (containing Lk 23:7-25, saec. XII) is reproduced in reduced color facsimile on the dust jacket of the R-P Byz 20005 edition.

  7. thanks for the references.