Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bohairica 1.0 available

J. Warren Wells has provided Bohairica 1.0, the free Bohairic text of the NT in addition to Sahidica 2.0. I've bought a hard copy of the Sahidica text. Excellent for QTs!


  1. Lots of interesting stuff in the link.

    There was a short discussion about the deity of Christ arising from John 1:1, in which the author indicates that an indefinite article was used: "The Word was a god."

    Then, "the first occurrence of "God"
    in John 1:1 is in the Nomina Sacra form, whereas the second occurrence is spelled out. In John 1:18 the word "God" (which no one has seen) is in the Nomina Sacra form, while the word "God" (only-begotten) is spelled out.

  2. Another interesting tidbit otherwise unknown to me is that 7% of all Greek papyri and uncials are Greek-Coptic diglots.

  3. From the introduction:

    "The Sahidica text is the basis for this new edition of the Sahidic New Testament. It is intended for general use by students and instructors of the Sahidic New Testament and to a lesser degree by scholars, translators, and textual critics, but it is not a collation with critical apparatus."

  4. The edition comes with Greek and Coptic in parallel--a nice feature.

  5. How is the font on the printed edition? The picture of it looked rather difficult-to-read online.