Friday, January 26, 2007

More TC 12 (2007)

Jan Krans announces here further additions to TC 12. Good to see more OT material.

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  1. Dear Colleagues,

    We would like to announce a new scholarly resource on the Second Temple Jewish literature preserved in the Slavic Milieux:

    The site is developed by the scholars from the Theology Department at Marquette University (Milwaukee, USA). The resource provides original manuscripts, translations, and extensive bibliographies to the following pseudepigraphical materials preserved in Slavonic language:

    Slavonic Life of Adam and Eve
    Adam Octipartite
    2 Enoch
    Sataniel Text
    Apocalypse of Abraham
    Testament of Abraham
    The Ladder of Jacob
    Joseph and Aseneth
    Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs
    Testament of Job
    Life of Moses
    Apocryphal Fragments about David, Solomon, and Elijah
    Ascension of Isaiah
    3 Baruch
    4 Baruch
    Pseudo-Danielic Fragments
    Apocalypse of Zosimus
    The Word of the Blessed Zerubabel
    The Josippon
    Palaea Historica
    Interpretive Palaea
    Palaea Chronographica
    and some other materials

    We will greatly appreciate if you can announce the info in your blog.

    We appreciate your kind assistance.


    Andrei Orlov

    Assistant Professor

    Theology Department