Monday, January 08, 2007

Internationalising ETC links

Reflecting on the international development of this blog, I'm thinking that despite the varied membership of the blog the links are probably too restrictively anglophone. There may be very good sites on textual criticism that we don't link to because they are in languages such as Korean or Chinese to which current members of the blog do not (to my knowledge) have access. Given that we do have readers from 6 continents, can anyone suggest any links in languages other than English that should be added to the sidebar? It will be easy enough to find people to evaluate them. If such pages do not exist in major languages (e.g. Russian, Spanish, Arabic) then I would heartily encourage readers of this blog to develop them.


  1. Wilbur Pickering, who is a missionary in Brazil, has a good deal of Portuguese materials available online.
    I don't read Portuguese, but it looks like the entire contents of his book, The Identity of the New Testament Text, which defends the MT, as well as a number of other resources, such as Greek/Portuguese parallel texts.

  2. Thanks. Since Pickering is already on the side bar, I've simply added the Portuguese as an option beside his name.