Monday, September 04, 2006

Scrivener on Sinaiticus and Augiensis

David Robert Palmer announces (here) his PDFs of Scrivener's collation of Sinaiticus and collation of Augiensis.


  1. It now appears that they are not 'his' (see here). There may be a need for further clarification of the legitimacy of copying these files.

  2. Through further correspondence David Palmer has confirmed with Mark Langley who scanned the files that these files may be copied.

  3. Does anyone know what the Gregory numbers for the 7 manuscripts of the gospels that Scrivener collated in the Augiensis book? One of them (Codex Leicestrensis) is 69, but I can't seem to determine the identify of the others.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Scrivener ms. 69 is Gregory number 628. It is bi-columnar Greek and Latin, dated about 14th century. It contains Acts, Paul, the Catholics, and Revelation, but lacks Rev. 18:23 to the end, due to the loss of the last leaves. The Von Soden number is a400, referenced on p. 479, 526. It rests in the Vatical Library, Ottob. gr. 258. It is listed among the large "M" Majority Text group in the back of the NA27 GNT, but it differs sometimes, as Hoskier says in Text 1, p. 222 that this ms. shows glimpses far back, and helps show how revised the text of the uncial 046 is, along with that uncial's descendants. This ms. 628 sometimes agrees with 699 and 792 against the 046 family. But an example of a singular reading from 628 is EPI for EK in Rev. 13:1- "And I saw coming up ON the sea," rather than coming up out of the sea. (The important minuscule 2329 has an anomaly here also.)

    David Robert Palmer

  5. I should caution regarding my previous post that I am certain of those facts only for Revelation, since that is what I am working on. It is possible that Scrivener used the same numbers as Tischendorf for this ms.; I am not sure. Tischendorf number 69 is also Gregory 628 for Revelation, but Tisch. 69 is 429 Gregory for Acts, and 421 Gregory for Paul.

    Frustrating, isn't it.