Friday, September 15, 2006

Biblical extracts

I've had a couple of communications with NT scholars recently in relation to the Bodleian Coptic ms of John 20:19-31 and they have expressed interest in knowing more about manuscripts that contain extracts of scripture, e.g. P12. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a ready resource that lists these or a basic introduction to the subject. I'm aware that Tommy has worked on amulets, but these are only a subsection of extracts as a whole.


  1. Pete:

    one recent essay may be of interest:

    Stanely E. Porter, "Textual Critisicm in the Light of Diverse Textual Evidence for the Greek New Testament: An Expanded Proposal," in T. J. Kraus & T. Nicklas (eds.), New Testament Manuscripts: Their Texts and Their World (TENT 2; Leiden: Brill, 2006), 305-37.

    In the same volume, T. J. Kraus discusses manuscripts with the Lord's Prayer, (some of which are amulets), and I discuss P78, as you remarked. Unfortunately, I did not get to proofread that contribution (the editors did it in my place), which I very much regret, since several errors entered the text and the transcription of the MS (via Brill's reformatting). A "revised and corrected" version will appear in my forthcoming dissertation.

    There are many good references within these three chapters of the volume, to other works which will be of interest.

  2. There is a list of 'Excerpts from Biblical Books' in the Macquarie Papyri form the Rise of Christianity in Egypt Draft Conspectus ( [go to section XX]