Monday, September 18, 2006

Kephalaia in 1 Peter

Through a learned correspondent it has been brought to my attention that the kephalaia in NA26 and NA27 to 1 Peter jump from '5' at the beginning of chapter 4 to '7' at the beginning of chapter 5. Where is '6'? According to NA25 it's at 4:12. NA25 also has the advantage over NA26 and NA27 that it records the Vatican divisions. Am I right in thinking that there are no references to kephalaia in the ECM?


  1. κεφαλη ϛ (4:12): οτι κοινωνια τη προς Χριστον κρατειν χρη (χρεων) των φυσικων παθων ελπιδι τε τη εις αυτον φερειν τας παρ ετερων παθας (βλαβας)

  2. Pete,

    No, not noted in the ECM.

  3. According to this site: , some of the kephalaia in the NA27 of 2 Peter are also missing (but were present in the NA24).

  4. Thanks. All four kephalaia in 2 Peter are in my NA27 (8th printing).

  5. I think a useful resource would be a list and ET of all the headings. They are all in von Soden, but I don't recall ever seeing an English translation of them. They are interesting and important for delimitation criticism and reception history, but may not be well known among NT scholars generally.
    Perhaps this could be an ETC blog project.