Monday, January 16, 2006

A Test in Emendation

Tommy has brought to my attention a bibliographical item with the following description:

Worrel, William H. "Fayumic Fragments of the Epistles." Societe de la Archaeologie Copte 7.

The description comes from:

There are evidently quite a few problems with this bibliographical entry, including the author's name and mistakes in the French. I should be most grateful if someone would use text-critical devices or their own knowledge of the material to tell me what the publication details really should be, so that I can add it to my Coptic Bible Bibliography.


  1. Well, I can guess aided by our catalogue:
    The author should be William Hoyt Worrell (1879-1952).
    The title of the article may very well be correct.
    The journal seems to be the _Bulletin de la Société d'Archéologie Copte_ 7 (1941).
    Now you only have to find a library that has it in order to see whether this is correct. The University of Leiden has it.

  2. Thanks v. much for your work. This journal hardly seems the most widely disseminated. Now all I need to do is remember this on my next visit to the British Library.