Monday, January 30, 2006

The E-Commentary Project


I have received the following announcement from Andrew Wilson:

The E-Commentary Project
Anyone dissatisfied with the thin gruel of theoretical minutiae and wanting to get their teeth into the tasty bits of textual praxis is welcome to join the E-Commentary Project.

For a short summary of the E-commentary project go to For a fuller statement of the idea behind the commentary and its principles, see the General Introduction at The actual commentary discussion will be located on the Forum at

This year, it is envisaged tackling some evangelical favourites: Galatians, Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, one chapter per week commencing in March.

In preparation for Galatians, there is also a study posted on the Forum about Scribal Habits in Galatians, analysing the singular readings of all of the MSS in Swanson's Galatians volume. There is also a review of Moises Silva's study of Scribal Habits in Galatians (in the Scribes and Scriptures volume).

Anyone who thinks they might be interested in participating is welcome to register on the Forum and participate in discussions.


  1. The link to the forum is not right.

  2. True--it leads right back to the ETC homepage. An endless loop!
    Try clicking on either of the other links, and then on "Forum" from the Menu selection at the left of the page.

  3. Has anyone read the book on his site?

  4. I did, about as soon as it was posted.
    Some minor editing has been done since then, but the 'examples' section was, last I checked, still uncompleted.