Monday, January 16, 2006

Old Syriac texts online

I've been asked whether the text of the Old Syriac Gospels is available online. It is to be found at the website of the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon (a simply wonderful project). Follow the link: 'text browse', then check the box for 'Syriac' and then click on 'submit query'. You then encounter various databases which you can query. It is not easy to view the Old Syriac text continuously. I hope that someone will develop that soon. Since the data is already gathered it should not take long.


  1. Hello!

    I do not know old Syriac, but I am very interested in knowing the rendering of John 14:14 in the old Syriac Sinaiticus, Can anybody help me?

    Fred V. Hjortland

  2. Hello Mr Hjortland. The Old Syriac Sinaiticus omits Jn 14:14. I hope this has been useful to you.
    Reb Naftoli