Sunday, January 15, 2006

How to write proper

For those who are now hoping to grow papyrus from seed, I guess we will have some time to wait before we have a writing material ready. However, if you have ordered some papyrus then you will soon need something to write on it with. You can order reed pens from J. Herbin. British textual critics may want to get their pens from Scribblers. Those who are brave can make their own: instructions here. There are still a few challenges in the way. If you are making your own papyrus you should ideally use mud from the Nile. If you are planning a trip to Egypt it will be cheaper to collect the Nile mud yourself than to get it from the suq. Alternatively you may prefer a substitute from your own locality. We will also need to reflect on how to get glue (if you are making a scroll) and ink. Any suggestions welcome.


  1. You may already know this, but...

    After years of calligraphy, I can say that the glass pens are a pain to use.

    My favorite is one I picked up in a shop in Cambridge years ago. Unfortunately, I have no idea as to a name.

  2. Possibly. Probably. I'll look around when I go down...sometime...soon.

  3. mud from the Nile?

    what is that about?