Monday, April 06, 2020

Hernández: 2020 Alexander Thompson Memorial Lecture

Before the coronavirus madness, Juan Hernández Jr. delivered this year’s Rev. Alexander Thompson Memorial Lecture at Princeton Theological Seminary. The lecture is titled “Recovering Revelation’s Forgotten Textual History: Josef Schmid’s Magnum Opus for the Twenty-First Century.” If you’ve already finished Tiger King, you now have something to watch.

Juan also sent this photo and says, “Also, with B.B. Warfield above my left shoulder and a sneering Josef Schmid directly to my right, I had to walk a fine line in talking about the value of historical perspective in the textual criticism of the book of Revelation!”


  1. This will probably be the first and only time Tiger King is referred to in something related to textual criticism.

  2. Juan Hernandez encourages us to consider new text critical methods. I don't even know if this would qualify, but the N2LR method for translating large texts using information theory's redundancy principle and natural/contextual language learning seems to have found solutions for many NT textual problems. Has anyone in the text critical field looked at this unlikely offering? It's like exploring a strange planet. Here's the website -

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed taking in his lecture last month. We did not know if we should have shaken hands!

    1. Interestingly, I came down with flu-like symptoms the following day Alan! I flew to Colorado on Friday morning for a speaking engagement on Saturday. When I got there I went straight to bed at 12pm where I stayed until the next morning. I had to down some DayQuil just to make it through the day. I had a fever, a cough, and I felt aches all over. I wouldn't be surprised if I had caught it and probably passed it around on the plane before we all went on lockdown! But I'm glad you enjoyed the chat!