Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Text & Canon Institute’s Fellowship Application Open

Co-blogger, Peter Gurry, and I want to invite serious MDiv grads who intend to pursue a PhD in the areas of Textual Criticism (Old or New) or Canon Studies to consider applying to Phoenix Seminary’s Master of Theology in Biblical Studies and especially the Text & Canon Institute’s Fellowship scholarship. Fellows receive a scholarship for up to $10,000 towards their degree and work alongside the directors in implementing the vision and mission of the TCI.

Peter and I had the wonderful opportunity to mentor our first fellow, Clark Bates, this past year. In addition to completing ThM coursework and helping with Scribes & Scripture events and our inaugural church conference Sacred Words, Clark has been working on a ThM thesis entitled, “Συρμεογραφεῖν Ὠκύτης: An Historical and Paleographical Analysis of the Origin and Advancement of the Greek Minuscule Hand.” Hopefully, we will have more to say about his thesis and his future plans in the coming weeks.

Clark has also provided some kind comments on the ThM program at Phoenix Seminary and the TCI, which I leave here.
As I now look toward my PhD program, I am able to reflect on this year and recognize that were it not for the TCI, Phoenix Seminary’s ThM program, and especially Drs. Meade and Gurry, I would not be as prepared as I am today. I am able to make a contribution to the field of biblical studies. I have the knowledge necessary to engage the conversation, the necessary research skills, the language skills to engage international scholarship, and the confidence to promote my research. I cannot recommend Phoenix Seminary, and especially the Text & Canon Institute, more highly. I hope always to be connected with their work and to spread the word of its mission everywhere I go. Anyone desiring to work in the fields of Old or New Testament Textual Criticism and/or the reception history of the Bible, should absolutely consider the TCI for their future endeavors.

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