Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Spirit Testimony

When Hoskier in his Concerning the Text of the Apocalypse talks about Spirit testimony, he means something different from what Peter Gurry was talking about (here).

The following is taken from page xxxviii in Hoskier:


  1. "Was he serious? How would one apply Lachmannian principles to readings arising from what he calls ‘psychic (or intercosmic) phenomena’?" (Parker, Intro, 231)

  2. Is it April 1 already??

  3. I have tried to look into the details of Hoskier's religious beliefs, without much success. As I stated in September of last year at
    http://www.thetextofthegospels.com/2015/09/blood-moons-signs-of-end-and-two-small.html --

    . . . "on page XXXVIII of his introduction, Hoskier stated that “for what it may be worth,” he had included in the apparatus a reading (in Rev. 21:4) that was claimed to have been obtained via a séance-like spirit-channeling-session in 1856. The basis for this appears to have been nothing more than a book written by Baron Guldenstubbe in French in 1857. I suspect that Hoskier regarded this as merely a curiosity, but included it in his apparatus in order to maintain with absolute veracity his claim to have collated every Greek manuscript that testified about the text of Revelation.

    The book in question is online -- https://books.google.com/books?id=9sY5AAAAcAAJ .

  4. I looked up the selection in context—it appears to be quite serious. What is ironic to me is that , (for those familiar with the KJVO/TRO movement), it is Westcott and Hort that are frequently (falsely) accused of involvement in spiritism and Hoskier is claimed (again falsely) as one of the heroes of the TRO position. Which actually makes this somewhat funny...

  5. Hoskier apparently was clearly involved in various areas related to aspects of spiritism, including his particular views on reincarnation and other related matters. These are documented in his lesser-known books (cited on Wikipedia and elsewhere) such as The Back of Beyond, Immortality, What is Nirvana, and In Tune with the Universe.