Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Happy First Day to Pete Head!

Happy first day to Pete Head who starts his new post today! When I left his new office yesterday it was... still a bit of a mess. But I have every confidence that at some point this week it will be neat and tidy. (How long that lasts I will not predict.) Pete, maybe you can post a pic once the boxes are moved and you can reach the computer.

Anyway, wish Pete good luck and congrats on the new post.

Update: photo courtesy of the Facebook:


  1. A warm congratulations Peter Head! God bless you in your work and ministry in this new post.

  2. Congratulations to your new appointment Peter! I hope to see your office next time in Oxford.

  3. When will we see a photo of Peter Head jogging through town in running shorts while wearing the mandatory robe?

  4. Congratulations! May the Lord richly bless you in your new place of service.

  5. Thanks everyone. And special thanks to Peter Gurry for muscles in helping with the move. I'm not sure if I can post photos in the comments, I think I will probably wait until the office is a bit tidier before posting a proper photo.