Monday, September 30, 2013

A Nice Video from Amsterdam

Nothing particularly sensational here (especially from a cinematographical perspective!), but fun to watch some friends here. A good brief intro and touches on some contemporary scholarly interests. I might have nuanced a few things differently (I would have tried to get the Lord's Prayer right!). But enjoy and offer critical reflections in the comments


  1. Thank you Brother Peter for that great video. The part about the "living text" and the "living faith communities" was especially insightful. Question: Can the textual variants themselves be used as a commentary on the text?

  2. I would say that inasmuch as textual variants reveal how a passage has been understood, or occasionally a particular approach to the text, then they can be a resource in the sense of a commentary. They are clearly a part of both the history of the interpretation of the text and the history of the effects of the text.

    Cf. also here: