Wednesday, October 02, 2013

NT Manuscripts in Paris: online/update


The Bibliotheque Nationale is doing a great job in putting images of manuscripts on-line. So I have up-dated this list (originally from July 1st 2013) to include all the NT manuscripts (of the 18 NT manuscripts most recently added, the most important of the recent additions is 10 folios of H 015, see below Suppl. Gr. 1074). Here is a list with sample page (or something of interest):

Grec 9 (GA: 04; Codex Ephraimi Rescriptus): index page:

Grec 49 (GA: 8, Gospels, eleventh century)

Grec 63 (GA: 017 or K, IX, Gospels)

Grec 81 (GA: 276; AD 1092; Gospels)

Grec 83 (GA: 9, AD 1167: Gospels)

Grec 102 (GA 2298; Acts & Paul, twelfth century)

Grec 107 (GA: 06; Claromontanus)

Grec 122 (GA 11, XII, Gospels of Luke & John [Grec 121 contains Matthew & Mark])

Grec. 216 (GA 605; Acts and Paul with commentary, tenth century)

Grec 223 (GA 1933; AD 1045, Paul & Comm.)


Grec. 277 (GA lect. 63, a majuscule lectionary text from the ninth century)

Grec. 289 (GA: lect. 71; dated lectionary text: AD 1066)

Grec 375 (GA: lect. 60; dated lectionary text: AD 1021)

Suppl. Grec 686 (GA: lect 357: tenth century majuscule lectionary [only two leaves here])

Suppl. Grec. 687 (GA: lect 499; XIII; 2 leaves of Paul: fol. 11, 15)

Suppl. Grec. 1074 (GA 015 H; VI; 10 folios)

Suppl. Grec. 1155 (this contains portions or fragments of 11 separately identified manuscripts: 0102, 063, lect. 352, lect. 353, lect. 354, 0303, lect. 356, lect. 357, lect. 358, lect. 359, lect. 360)

Suppl. Grec. 1232 (GA: lect. 1837: eighth century majuscule palimpsest - but have I got the right page?)

Suppl. Grec. 1248 (GA 2111, XIII, fols. 12-23; Luke & comm)

Coislin Grec 202 (GA: 015; 12 folios; sixth century)

Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal
8409 (GA: 43, NT in 2 vols [not inc. Rev.], eleventh century)


  1. Question regarding "Grec 102 (GA 2298; Acts & Paul, twelfth century)"

    In Wikipedia, there is a Grec 102A (GA 469)

    Is Grec 102A available at the website?

  2. Very helpful! The digital color photographs helped immensely in my PA collation research with a couple of problematic readings that were difficult to interpret using only the older monochrome microfilms at Muenster.

    Let's hope all Greek NT MSS and lectionaries get color-digitized, either by their holding institutions, through the efforts of Dan Wallace and his crew, or by any others who can assist in this worthy endeavor.

  3. Markus Lembke7/03/2013 7:16 am

    Where is Grec. 977 (GA 2846)? This Apocalypse manuscript is nearer to the Codex Alexandrinus than any other known minuscule (including 2053 2344 etc.).

  4. I second Dr. Lembke's question! (btw, I recently read your superb article on this MS. and found it helpful in my research)

  5. Mahlon Smith said..
    I found your blog site while reading up on the Editio Critica Maioria. I just received my Nestle Aland 28 and am excited to start using it. It is amazing to me how we can in the Providence of God view ancient manuscripts online. Thanks for the postings. I look forward to visiting your blogsite again and would like to inquire more into the matter of membership. I read your requirements and am interested. God bless!

  6. Sorry, I messed up a bit with scheduling the up-dated version of this post.

  7. Would like to see:
    L 019, 0141, 22, 28, 33, 579

  8. Hello Peter, link for codex GA-11 does not go to actual images. Kind regards. Jairo.

  9. Jairo, thanks. i've fixed that now

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