Monday, December 17, 2012

Ephraimi Rescriptus Online Images

Images of Codex Ephraimi Rescriptus (C 04) are also online courtesy of the Bibliothèque nationale de France.


  1. Wow, I thought the BnF would never release images of any of their manuscripts.

    With the other announcements, this means that:

    1) All the Great Uncials except Vaticanus are available online by their holding institutions.

    2) We have publically available online images of most of the uncials critical for Textual criticism except 03, 06, 09, and 16.

    Kudos to BL, Bnf, and Cambridge Library. (One hopes the Freer Museum and the Vatican are watching...).


  2. I was so excited, and surprised, to learn of this.

    Btw, you can see 04's famous reading "616" in Rev 13:18 on folio 192r, second line from the bottom. It's spelled out and behind the left column of 12th-century black minuscule ink. Look for "deka."

  3. Yes, I can confirm the Freer Gallery here in D.C. is watching and planning with their own treasure. More later...

    In Christ,

    Paul Anderson

  4. Btw, here's a link to Tischendorf's 1843 transcript of the NT part of 04.
    On pp. 11-14 you can find the list to figure out which passage is on which folio since the NT text in 04 is not in order.
    (And of course, Tischendorf's transcript should be used with Lyon's 1959 list of corrections.)

  5. You think this is nice? I just found out the IAA has now put all of the DSS online!!!!!!!!

  6. I'm going to have to make another library-page consisting of just manuscripts; now the Uncials shelf will be easier to fill!

    I wonder if MS 304 will be online soon.

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.

  7. Has anyone tried the download option? It works fine on individual images, but the PDF download is corrupt every time.
    Sure would be nice to have an offline copy.

  8. Michael,

    Yes, I was able to download the pdf's for both Ephraemi and Claramontanus find. They are 127 MB and 182MB respectively. Maybe you are having space problems?

    1. No, but I think my 3G Internet here in Africa is having issues. Thanks for confirming that the links do indeed work. I'll just have to have them download for me stateside.

  9. It’s glad to see the Original Script…There are still a countless tales which are hidden to the real world but the HOLY SPIRIT continues…