Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Daniel Wallace reviews NA28

Daniel Wallace has written a generally positive review of NA28.

[thanks to Andy Naselli and Justin Taylor for the reference]


  1. My primary issue with the NA28 apparatus is the apparent total disappearance of "pc" and "al" from the variant readings cited.

    This makes it appear as though only those MSS specifically cited testify to a given variant, when in fact there may be several or even dozens of other MSS supporting such readings. Some correction of this defect should be considered for future printings of NA28.

  2. I just received the NA28 / ESV that I ordered from Amazon. In going through the list of changes to the text, I was intrigued by the one for 2 Pe 3:10 where "be exposed" is now "not be exposed". The apparatus only shows evidence from versions for this reading and none from manuscripts. I wonder if this change will be controversial. What is the basis for this change?