Thursday, December 06, 2012

Aberdeen PhD Stipends

Authority and Texts: Concepts and Use
"What constitutes authority and provides authenticity to texts and what is the role of textual criticism? How should authoritative texts (including religious, legal, and other texts), be used and interpreted, and how is this issue determined? Is investigation of the contextual meaning of texts at their time of composition necessary to understanding and respecting their authority, or do different criteria exist which influence readings of texts? "  The advertisement indicates that four positions will be funded (application deadline =  8 March 2013).  Does anyone know the monetary amount of the bursary or for which subject areas these may be used?  Tomas Bokedal teaches there, and works with manuscripts.  Peter Williams is an honorary senior lecturer.  I did an MTh at Aberdeen, and found that the postgraduate environment was robust.  There are more than 100 castles in and around the city, and the Highlands are less than an hour's drive.


  1. I want to add that my friend Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer teaches there:

    She is an excellent scholar. Both Tomas and Lena-Sofia are from Sweden – we are taking over this institution!

  2. Tommy, I think they were trying to attract students.

  3. I believe that the castles which I mentioned in the post were largely built in response to the tendency of various persons of Norse descent to visit Scotland.

    Being prowdly of Norwegian descent, I am not allowed to forgo an opportunity to pick on a Swede. : )

    Did you ever hear about the Swedish boy who asked his teacher, "I been de biggest boy in de tird grade. Is de because I been a Svede?" "No," his teacher answered, "it's because you're seventeen."


  5. That has to be the worst youtube clip in history, what a waste of 30 seconds.