Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stephen Carlson to Uppsala

A while ago I put up a job advertisement for a postdoctoral position in pre-Constantinian Christianity in Uppsala. Stephen Carlson, who recently finished his PhD on the text of Galatians (previously reported here), saw the news and decided to apply. Eventually he got the position. Here is what he writes on his blog (Hypotyposeis).

As the new post-doctoral researcher in Early (Pre-Constantinian) Christianity at Uppsala University, my project is to research and write about a long-term interest of mine: Papias. My project is tentatively entitled, “The Reception of Papias before Eusebius,” and I am looking at how second- and third-century writers were influenced by and interacted with the now-lost writings of this early second-century writer from Hierapolis.
Congratualations Stephen, and welcome to Sweden!


  1. Stephen, Congratulations! What a fascinating topic. Peter Rodgers

  2. I am concerned that Dr. Carlson will not have a lot to do. What more can be said about Papias beyond what is collected at http://www.textexcavation.com/papias.html ? Only a couple of things come to mind: (1) strenuously testing the basis (explained by Gundry) for putting Papias c. 110, and (2) looking into the possibility that the PA had an evil twin somewhere in the writings of Papias.

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.

    1. A layman explanation of what James just cited would be awesome.

  3. Wonderful news. There's plenty to be done digging round Papias.

  4. Thanks for this post, Tommy. I missed it because my blog feed for ETC wasn't being updated.

    I don't share your concern about not having a lot to do, Jim. This project is about the reception of Papias, so it is his influence on later writers that is at the heart of this project. So in addition to Papias, there is a lot of interaction with Irenaeus, Victorinus, etc.

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