Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Book: Early Text of the New Testament

I just received my copy in the mail: C.E. Hill & M.J. Kruger (eds), The Early Text of the New Testament (Oxford: OUP, 2012).

Here is the Table of Contents:
Charles E. Hill and Michael J. Kruger: Introduction: In Search of the Earliest Text of the New Testament
I. The Textual and Scribal Culture of Early Christianity
1: Harry Y. Gamble: The Book Trade in the Roman Empire
2: Scott Charlesworth: Indicators of Catholicity in Early Gospel Manuscripts
3: Larry Hurtado: Towards a Sociology of Reading in Early Christianity
4: Michael J. Kruger: Early Christian Attitudes towards the Reproduction of Texts
II. The Manuscript Tradition
5: Tommy Wasserman: The Early Text of Matthew
6: Peter Head: The Early Text of Mark
7: Juan Hernandez: The Early Text of Luke
8: Juan Chapa: The Early Text of John
9: Christopher Tuckett: The Early Text of Acts
10: James R. Royse: The Early Text of Paul (and Hebrews)
11: J. K. Elliott: The Early Text of the Catholic Epistles
12: Tobias Nicklas: The Early Text of Revelation
13: Peter Williams: Where Two or Three Are Gathered Together: Evaluating Agreements between Two or More Early Versions
III. Early Citation/Use of New Testament Writings
14: Charles E. Hill: In These Very Words: Methods and Standards of Literary Borrowing in the Second Century
15: Paul Foster: The Text of the New Testament in the Apostolic Fathers
16: Dieter T. Roth: Marcion and the Early Text of the New Testament
17: Joseph Verheyden: Justin's Text of the Gospels. Another Look at the Citations in 1 Apol. 15.1-8
18: Tjitze Baarda: Tatian's Diatessaron and the Greek Text of the Gospels
19: Stanley Porter: Early Apocryphal Gospels and the New Testament Text
20: Jeffrey Bingham and Billy R. Todd, Jr.: Irenaeus's Text of the Gospels in Adversus haereses
21: Carl Cosaert: Clement of Alexandria's Gospel Citations

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  1. Portions of the manuscript are now available for preview via Google Books
    - Jeremy P.