Saturday, July 07, 2012

Nestle-Aland 28 at SBL in Chicago!?

Reading my blogpost about the impending release of NA28, Henricksons Publishers representative Bobby Z. Koduvalil contacted me and offered some more information about date and other matters. I am going to cite him message:

 The release date of NA28 is September as stated in the German Bible Society catalog.  At that time, books should ship to the USA to Hendrickson’s warehouse.  We are a distributor of titles published by the German Bible Society.  I have every expectation that books will be available at ETS Milwaukee and AAR/SBL Chicago (and hopefully also to university and seminary bookstores) in November, and the staff of the GBS and Hendrickson are working diligently to make this happen.  With that said, the release date is listed as December by various online retailers, as you noted.
-          I have listed below the Hendrickson ISBNs for NA28 (the hardcover ISBN below is the one listed by CBD and Amazon in the links in your post):
Blue hardcover: ISBN 9781619700307
Flexisoft Black (what most call imitation): ISBN 9781619700314
Flexisoft Blue: ISBN 9781619700321
With Greek-English dictionary: ISBN 9781619700468
Greek-English edition NA28/NRSV/REB: ISBN 9781619700352
-          The NA28/NRSV/REB edition is not expected to be available at SBL, but hopefully soon after, in early 2013.
-          Unfortunately for Dr. Robinson and many others, there will not be a Großdruck edition.  I pleaded for one, and will continue to do so.  I hope that it will be considered for the next printing.
-          My understanding is that the Trobisch introduction will be made available in English at some point in the future.  I expect that if and when an English edition is completed, it will be available from Hendrickson.

Update 10 July: Koduvalil tells me in a second message: "The English translation of the Trobisch introduction will be available from the SBL, and not from Hendrickson, if and when it is to be published.  My apologies for my oversight. "


  1. David Trobisch is half-American and lives in America. He is fully qualified to run as President. So why did does the Introduction need translating?

  2. It needs translation since many people including Americans do not understand German, which is the language Trobisch wrote the introduction in.