Friday, October 07, 2011

A Wonderful Day in Edinburgh

This is just a quick report from the day in honor of Larry Hurtado.

I have had a fabulous day here today, doing a presentation in which I reviewed Larry Hurtado's scholarship in NT textual criticism.

The other presenters, Thomas Kraus and Richard Bauckham (we are all on this picture, chatting in the garden during one of the breaks), similarly reviewed Larry's works; Thomas Kraus on early Christian artefacts (including such areas as the adoption of the codex, the nomina sacra and the staurogram) and Richard Bauckham on Christology.

It all went very well, and I know that Larry was very pleased with the day. I also particularly enjoyed talking to some of the PhD students here during the reception afterwards. It is nice to be able to give some advice, and I remember well the days of my own struggles as a PhD student.

Then the organizers and us presenters, some of Larry's close colleagues and the Hurtado couple went out to a very nice restaurant in the centre of Edinburgh to have a meal together.

This whole day has been quite enjoyable for me. Apparently, one of the PhD students, which is also a friend of mine, recorded the presentations, so perhaps they will eventually be released on the website of the Centre for the Study of Christian Origins (CSCO). The same goes for my own presentation yesterday on Mark 1:1 for the postgraduate seminar, which was likewise very enjoyable.

Perhaps we will have to edit that one a bit, especially the part in which I tell about the background of the paper. Anyway, one of the things that triggered that piece was Peter Head's cheering during an SBL presentation of a new papyrus attesting to the short reading. :-) The other reason for working on that verse was because it is one of Bart Ehrman's main examples of what he labels as "anti-adoptionistic corruption" of the NT text.

Anyway, we were in a crowded room of approximately twenty students and a couple of senior scholars including Paul Travis (presiding), Larry Hurtado, Helen Bond and Paul Foster, all posing very intelligent questions after my one hour presentation.

Tomorrow (Sat) it is shopping day for me here, after having breakfast with my colleague Thomas Kraus staying at the same hotel.


  1. Great to see you again in Edinburgh, Tommy, and to listen to all the lectures as well as responses by Larry... but the best was getting a copy of your monograph... for only £10! (Dan also bought a copy for himself).

  2. Great to see you too Edgar. I hope you will benefit from my work on Jude! I am of course happy that the representative of Alban took in some copies of my book for this special occasion.

  3. I surely will reap a lot from your work. Need to dedicate a time to read it... in between my research on P46 :)

  4. By the way, on the issue of Nomina Sacra (which is one of Larry's research interests), there seems to be three elements (not only two): the contraction, the overbar, and the space-gap before and after a nomen sacrum. The first two are always mentioned, but only occasionally, or none at all, for the space-gaps.

  5. Especially when it supports my view of things.

  6. Yes, Peter, rightly so, and then there is the reinterpretation of existing evidence.

  7. Anyhow, Mk 1:1 is a tough call.

  8. tommy: Anyhow, Mk 1:1 is a tough call.

    Not for me....