Friday, October 21, 2011

Mark 1:1 Handout

I am making a handout on the text-critical problem in Mark 1:1 available. I originally used it for the SBL in Tartu 2010. It can be found under TC Files (free download) in the right sidebar or via this link.


  1. Thanks Tommy,

    I have to lecture on this next week so that is helpful. Have you put your article online too? Or only via JTS? Also on this subject have you seen Deppe's article yet? I can't find FN for 2008 yet.

  2. I sure would like to hear that lecture!

    If you look on the handout you will find a reference to Deppe's article in the annotated bibliography at the end. Deppe is useful mainly for intrinsic evidence. I refer to it at some point in my journal article.

    I have just put a link to my published article (free access) on my institutional webpage ... This is according to the publisher's (OUP) policy. I am not allowed to host it myself.


    (and scroll down to and click on the link to article on Mark 1:1)

  4. I wonder if FN has gone down? Three years with no published journals is a long time ...

  5. Sorry Peter, I was referring to another handout (the one I presented at a meeting in Birmingham, which includes the annotated bibliography).

    In any case, now that you have my article you will find that the very first note lists "significant studies," including your own treatment.