Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Book: Text and Story, by Peter Rodgers

Members and readers of this blog my be interested in a new book I have published entitled Text and Story. It has just appeared and is available through the publisher. It will also be available on Amazon, etc in about a month. I hope to see many of the blog members at SBL in San Francisco.

New Book Information

Peter R. Rodgers, Text and Story

Narrative Studies in New Testament Textual Criticism

ISBN: 13:978-1-61097-304-5

Order from:

Pickwick Publications

Wipf and Stock Publishers, Inc

199 West 8th Avenue, Suite 3

Eugene, OR, 97401 – USA

(541) 344 – 1528

FAX (541) 344 – 1506

Peter R. Rodgers


  1. Sounds interesting. The title, however, doesn't tell us much as to the contents or approach you've taken. Given your previous "novel" approach (which my students have enjoyed, despite predicting that it won't likely make the NT Times bestsellers list!) and the use of "story" in your new title, I'd appreciate a summary or outline. Might you be able to provide that for us? Thanks.

  2. BTW, I do not find any listing on the W&S site even when doing an advanced search on the ISBN, title, or author name. Can you give us a direct link?

  3. Rod, Thanks for your questions. W and S. assure me that the book will soon be featured in their next cataloge update. I got the first four presentation copies two days ago. The heart of the book is a look at 10 verses:Rom 8:28, Luke 3:22, Heb 2:9, Mark 15:34, Luke 22:43-44, Acts 20:28, Phil 4:7, Rom 8:2, Mark 9:29, and Luke 4:18. In each case, narrative features indicated by quotations, allusions or echoes of the Old Testament shed new light on the passages considered, offering fresh material and greater perspective for making judgments as to the original text.

  4. Two chapters on Mark? That's good (it's "my book"). I shall have to buy it. When it shows up on W/7s site or on Amazon, could you let us know? (I'm sure you'll be watching for that to happen!)

    Thanks again.

  5. Rod, I believe it is possible to order it by calling the W and S telephone number I listed in my initial posting and order by phone. I did the other day. Peter

  6. Peter, could you tell us which variant readinga you ended up with in those passages. No justification required, just which readings you adopted.

  7. Timo, At the risk of spoiling the story by telling the punchline at the beginning, here is the summary at the beginning of my concluding chapter:
    "In three of the verses reviewed in this book the study of narrative features adds further support to the decision of the editors of UBS4/ Nestle 27 (Luke 3:22; Luke 22:43–44; Acts 20:28). Three of the readings I defend as original are supported by the earliest available manuscripts (Rom 8:28; Luke 3:22; Acts 20:28). For the other seven I advance reasons for considering as original readings that are not supported by what are commonly deemed the “oldest and best witnesses.” Three readings are supported by the majority of witnesses (Luke 3:22; Mark 9:29; Luke 4:18). And yet, I defend as original several readings that have slender support in the manuscript tradition (Heb 2:9; Mark 15:34; Phil 4:7)."

  8. Peter, I have a fondness for XWRIS THEOU in Heb 2.9, so I guess we agree on that. SBLGNT reads alike, if I recall correctly.

  9. While on the subject of books (here comes an advertisement of sorts)....

    "Authentic: The Case for Mark 16:9-20" -- James Snapp's extensive work on the endings of Mark is also something that all should obtain (and I say this even though I do not concur with his overall conclusions from my own perspective).

    Snapp's work probably delineates more data regarding the various witnesses of all types to the differing endings of Mark than any other source available. Mr Snapp has his book available electronically from Amazon at $1.99 -- BUT he also tells me, "I am willing to send a digital copy to anyone who contacts me and requests a copy (formatted as a Microsoft Word document)". That seems to be a price not to be quibbled over.

    Perhaps this one should be considered for printed format by Wipf and Stock as well?

  10. Maurice, inasmuch as you have posting privileges here, how about making that announcement in a post of its own and include links to the Amazon page?

  11. I think the post already made was quite sufficient on that point, and I don't want the ETC blog to turn any more into an online book sale site than it minimally should be.

  12. Maurice, Thanks for the note on the new book on Mark 16:9-20. I suspect that you will be pleased with my decision on Mark 9:29, but not with my arguments regarding Mark 15:34.
    Thanks for your valuable and elegant edition of the Byzantine Text-form, which you published with William Pierpont in 2005.

  13. Peter Rodgers ~

    It sounds as if you favor the inclusion of "and fasting" in Mk. 9:29. Any thoughts about what this might imply about other variants involving fasting (such as I Cor. 7:5)?

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.

  14. Dear James,I have treated Mark 9:9 and 1 Corinthians 7:5 independently (and really have only looked at Mark 9:29). I think that the textual issue in each verse should be considered separately as regards external and internal criteria for making decisions. But since in the context of both passages a key question is the eschatological one: "What time is it?" our decision on one has a bearing on the other. Thanks for the question.Peter Rodgers

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  16. Dear ETC bloggers,

    There is a link for ordering the book on Rev. Rodgers church website at the following link:

    The deleted post above was due to the link not apologies.