Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New articles

Brice C. Jones, ‘The Bodmer ‘Miscellaneous’ Codex and the Crosby-Schøyen Codex MS 193: A New Proposal’ JGRChJ 8 (2011).
Generally useful survey. The new proposal would seem to be that we should think of these as composite codices, lacking any thematic coherence.

Don Barker, ‘The Dating of New Testament Papyri’ NTS 57 (2011), 571-582.
This looks like the publication of Don’s paper from last year’s SBL conference. Abstract:
The narrow dating of some of the early New Testament papyri and the methodological approach that is used must be brought into question in the light of the acknowledged difficulties with palaeographical dating and especially the use of assigned dated literary papyri. The thesis of this paper is that the way forward in dating New Testament papyri, or for that matter any undated literary papyri, is first to locate the manuscript in its graphic stream and using, on the whole, dated documentary papyri belonging to the same stream, come to an approximate understanding of where in the history of the stream the manuscript lies. The following New Testament Papyri will be so treated: P52, P67+ and P46.
Some interesting new articles and reviews over at TC journal:
Deena E. Grant, Reinterpretation of Scripture in Hymn to the Creator
Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman, Isaiah 44:5: Textual Criticism and Other Arguments
Jan Krans, Erasmus and the Text of Revelation 22:19: A Critique of Thomas Holland’s Crowned With Glory


  1. Great review by Jan Krans. But is it true that 2814 has του δαβιδ? I would have expected του _δαδ_.

  2. DB: is it true that 2814 has του δαβιδ?

    According to Hoskier's collations all Greek MSS have the nomen sacrum DAD except for three that read DAUID, one that reads DAUD, and one that has DIAD [sic]. MS 2814 (the old 1r) is not among those.