Friday, June 17, 2011

SBL GNT compared to 5 editions


I have posted on my website some comparisons (graciously provided by a colleague at Logos) of the SBL GNT with the five editions that are represented in the critical apparatus of the SBL edition. Some of the comparisons update information previously available, and some are new. Here is a sample:

SBL agrees with NA: 6381 ..................... SBL disagrees with NA: 547

SBL agrees with NIV: 6310 .................... SBL disagrees with NIV: 618

SBL agrees with WH: 6047 .................... SBL disagrees with WH: 881

SBL agrees with Treg: 5699 ................... SBL disagrees with Treg: 1229

SBL agrees with RP: 970 ............. .......... SBL disagrees with RP: 5958

Here is a comparison of each of the six editions against the other five:

SBL ] WH Treg RP NIV NA 46

SBL WH Treg RP NIV ] NA 14

SBL WH Treg RP NA ] NIV 43

SBL WH RP NIV NA ] Treg 150

SBL Treg RP NIV NA ] WH 353

SBL WH Treg NIV NA ] RP 4848

Next, a comparison of any two editions against the rest:

SBL WH ] Treg RP NIV NA 82

SBL RP ] WH Treg NIV NA 58

SBL Treg ] WH RP NIV NA 25

SBL NA ] WH Treg RP NIV 10


For other comparisons, follow the link at the beginning of this post.


  1. I've reviewed the SBL GNT apparatus in Logos 3 (Libronix). I found that 57 verses contain the siglum "Holmes". Of these, the reading for "Holmes" agrees with reading for "NA" in 11 cases. The 46 cases where SBL stands apart from the 5 other editions have readings that are either uniquely "Holmes" or read "Holmes" with "WHmarg" or "Tregmarg". I was wondering if you could comment on the readings that are uniquely "Holmes"?

  2. Hi, Scott,
    thanks for your note. Could you send me ( your list of the 11 cases where "Holmes" agrees with "NA"? I know of 10, and I'd like to track down the difference.