Thursday, June 30, 2011

Manuscripts and CNTTS Apparatus Included in BibleWorks 9

BibleWorks has just announced a new version of their software, Bibleworks 9, which is going to be released in mid-July. Among the upgrades is the introduction of their manuscripts project which seeks to produce transcriptions and provide images (mostly from facsimile editions) to some important Greek New Testament manuscripts (free of charge). The new version further includes the CNTTS NT textual apparatus (also free of charge) produced by co-blogger Bill Warren and his associates at the CNTTS in New Orleans.

See a video demonstration of the CNTTS apparatus in Bibleworks here and another one on the "MSS Tab"here.


  1. One can hardly exaggerate the significance of the CNTTS apparatus for studying the text and the manuscript tradition.

    Watch the 12 minute video!

    Jim Leonard

  2. The amazing thing about this is that the project was produced by perhaps a dozen PhD students who had the incredible privilege of being paid (through the center's work-study programs)to do this.

    Not only do NOBTS' PhD students get their PhD knowledge through their course work and dissertation research, but also by their part time jobs working at the center!

    I suspect some of these students have already collated as many manuscripts as many of our well known scholars.

    I'm envious that my time here at NOBTS' Center for New Testament Textual Studies has been so short that I wasn't involved in the project.

    I am looking forward, however, to the forthcoming project providing exegetical commentary (not textual commentary) on all the significant variants in the manuscript tradition. Preview at ETS meeting in San Fran (our request for a slot at SBL was rejected).