Tuesday, June 07, 2011

New Manuscript Discoveries in Athens by CSNTM

Rory P. Crowley, Intern Coordinator for the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM), reports about the (re-)discovery of four Greek New Testament MSS during an expedition to Athens in May:

During this time, we discovered a twelfth-century Gospels minuscule! After that, Wheatley and Wallace discovered another two Gospels manuscripts. Later, J.D. and Paul found fragments of a manuscript of Acts in the back of a Gospels manuscript. Altogether, this expedition yielded four New Testament manuscript discoveries!

Read the whole story on the CSNTM blog.

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  1. Tip of the iceberg,
    In 2008, "working" with CSNTM, I went to Athens to locate uncatalogued mss. I recall walking into the Benaki Museum and speaking with, what I'd call the head librarian there. I told her we could copy all her GNT mss for free. A few days later, she notifies Dan that "we got the job." I think during that job, many mss were "discovered" (not having been catalogued in GA). As I walked around Athens and went to the island of Andros, it became apparent to me that there will continue to be "discoveries" in Greece for decades to come. It is ripe. The uncatalogued mss are not well hidden. If CSNTM devotes more time there, they will have a lot of mss discovered and photographed. There's a monastery there in Hora, Andros with 7 GNT mss on one shelf (they've been catalogued), and up on a high shelf there are other mss (wrapped in paper) that I wish I had had time to look at. Also, Dan tells me that the northern part of Greece is very difficult to get a foot in the door, which is certainly very different from the southern portion. Everywhere I went I was treated as an "American scholar" (I got that because I mentioned Dan's name, I am not even remotely close to a scholar, I can just read a lot of the GNT) and people were exceptionally nice and wanted to be very accommodating. I've always wondered why the difference in the north compared to the south. Oh well, just thought I'd ramble. So, if you want to discover a ms, catch the next plane to Athens, first, do a little research, and then you may just discover a ms in a few weeks... perhaps a slight exaggeration, but it wouldn't surprise me if you discovered a ms in a very short period of time.
    Brett Williams
    formerly with CSNTM (one of the best experiences of my life. Thanks again, Dan!!)