Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sisters of Sinai video

While looking for some information on the Cambridge Faculty of Divinity website, I stumbled upon this excellent video covering the "Sisters of Sinai" (Agnes Smith Lewis and Margaret Dunlop Gibson) as well as their legacy in Cambridge. Among others, the video interacts with the publication "Sisters of Sinai" by Janet Soskice which has been previously discussed on this blog (also here).


  1. Ha, ha ...
    Did you notice the bookshelves in the background?

  2. I couldn't pick out any titles, Wieland. Must be my new bifocals. But I was struck by the oft-repeated idea that the Sisters weren't qualified researchers, because they couldn't be. Why is that? Is this just another way of saying that one cannot be qualified unless one is properly credentialed?

  3. @Daniel - they couldn't be qualified b/c they were women. Women were not allowed to be given degrees for that in that time period. So, they had the required knowledge, but no degree to prove their qualifications.