Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Budding TC Scholar

A few days ago, one of our regular readers, Brice Jones, went to the Beinecke library at Yale to examine P49 (P.CtYBR inv. 415) and P50 (P.CtYBR inv. 1543). Brice focused especially on the latter, containing Acts 8:26-32 and 10:26-31. Read his report here.

Further, Brice reports here on his work to transcribe another MS, a Fayumic Coptic MS of the Gospel of John, P. Mich. 3521, for the International Greek New Testament Project (IGNTP). During this examination, Brice has identified some errors in the editio princeps: Elinor M. Husselman, The Gospel of John in Fayumic Coptic (P. Mich. INV. 3521) (KMA 2; Ann Arbor: University of Michigan, 1962).

A student who examines physical manuscripts and scrutinizes manuscript editions? I suspect we have a budding TC scholar here. Now I wonder where he will write his PhD – I have heard he has had several offers.

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  1. Bravo Mr. Jones!

    Indeed all major transcriptions should be tested against the originals. Hence the value of good digital iamging such as at the CSNTM site. In most transcriptions, errors will be found! Thus our on-going tasks. Considering the amount of material Husselman worked with (especially over her lifetime), her work is not too bad: especially when compared to some other works. (Papyrus 123 for example). Again glad to see the corrections!
    Gary Dykes