Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Comma Johanneum new data

Daniel Wallace reports a further ms with the Comma Johanneum in the margin here. [ref from Daniel Hill]


  1. This is rather old news. I incorporated this information into my blog post on the CJ nearly six months ago, despite having some misgivings as to its completeness.

    I've been waiting ever since for Dr. Wallace to give us more detailed information, once he got back to his library.

  2. Yes; old news -- if the discovery of a post-Erasmus marginal insertion of the CJ counts as news.

    I think maybe what's happening is that Wallace, at CSNTM, uses numerals to date his blog-entries (so 7/2/2010 = July 7, 2010), while in other places, such as Britain, "7/2" is interpreted by computerized search engines as "the seventh day of the second month," i.e., Feb. 7, and so somehow, >ping!< it shows up in automated searches for text-critical news as if recent. Maybe.

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.

  3. A new discovery concerning the Prologue to the Canonical/Catholic Epistles and it's reference to the Comma Johanneum and the reading from the Codex Fuldensis.