Monday, October 11, 2010

TC Books from Eisenbrauns

Eisenbrauns has a list of textual criticism books available at 15-40% discounts. Tommy Wasserman helped select the books for the sale too! Looks like bargains galore to be found!!

Update: Yes, I (TW) suggested to James Spinti, Marketing Director of Eisenbrauns and a regular reader of this blog, that they run a sales on some TC paperbacks, and specifically James Royse's monograph, which is just out in paperback (see previous blogpost). Eisenbrauns now offer it for $67.46 – now that is a bargain!

Since Eisenbrauns is the only publisher in the world (sic!) which have my own book on the textual tradition of Jude in stock, I am also happy that it is included in sales every now and then.


  1. Thanks Michael, I was just about to blog about it, but apparently you beat me!

    I have added an update though.

  2. Thank you! I just pre-ordered my copy of Royse!

    The link isn't working, though? I found Royse here:

    Maybe this link will work better:

  3. Thanks Ronald, I have updated the broken link.

  4. Great, I better get a copy of Royse while it is (relatively) cheap!