Monday, October 04, 2010

How to Link to a Manuscript in the VMR

Readers of this blog may find it useful to be able to link to a certain MS in the List of MSS in the Virtual Manuscript Room (Münster). Martin Fassnacht recently told me that he had broadened this possibility.

The link to use for Papyrus 1 is the following:

It is the last five digits that identifies the specific MS. The first digit represent the type of MS, and the other four the Greg.-Aland number of that MS with zero digits to fill out if necessary:

1 = papyrus, e.g., 10120 = P 120
2 = majuscule, e.g., 20004 = 04 (Codex Ephraemi rescriptus)
3 = minuscule, e.g., 30081 = 81
4 = lectionary, e.g., 41775 = l1775

Below is a link to P1: