Friday, March 26, 2010

New Funding to Birmingham to Complete ECM of John

This week the annual get-together of the INTF and ITSEE has taken place in Birmingham, which has also included an IGNTP Committee Meeting. The great thing to celebrate has been that the The Arts and Humanities Research Council [AHRC] has decided to grant funding for another five years for the ITSEE, under the auspices of the International Greek New Testament Project, to complete the edition of the Gospel of John (Editio Critica Maior) by working on the minuscules!

The announcement was made today on the ITSEE newspage.

Read more about the critical edition of John here.

Unfortunately, I could't come to Birmingham as I had originally planned because of a heavy workload, so I didn't get the chance to join the celebration. But:

Congratulations to ITSEE and to us all!

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