Monday, March 01, 2010

Review of Textual Variation: Theological and Social Tendencies?

The other day, the Diglot blog published a review of Textual Variation: Theological and Social Tendencies? (Texts and Studies, Third Series, Vol. 6; eds. H.A.G. Houghton and D.C. Parker; Piscataway: Gorgias Press, 2008).


  1. Diglot liked Tommy's essay better than any of the others in the book. I should read it (again) because I am teaching Jude at the moment.

  2. Peter, I think it is mainly because the Diglot blog is very focused Jude (as you can see in the blog header). Personally, I very much liked Ulrich Schmid's opening essay "Scribes and Variants- Sociology and Typology."

  3. I may have been a bit biased to Tommy's essay seeing as it was on Jude. :)

    I also thought Klaus Watchel's essay on the CBGM was very intriguing. Though I had to read it through a few times to grasp it.

  4. You wouldn't be alone in that.