Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SBL Meetings Call for Papers Reminder

We have received several very interesting proposals of papers for the SBL International Meeting in Tartu, 25-29 July, 2010 (there are currently four papers in NTTC, and one in OTTC at this point). As a teaser, I can give away my title: The "Son of God" Was in the Beginning (Mark 1:1).

As we approach the deadline (31 January) I take the opportunity to remind our readers to submit their proposals. Here is the call for papers again:
Papers concentrating on any aspect of textual criticism are welcome, in particular the practical work with manuscripts. Examples of topics: papyrological insights, scribal habits, preservation techniques, technical developments, computer assisted tools, producing critical editions, evaluating the evidence of fathers or versions, discussion of particular passages, social historical studies, new projects, systematic-theological problems, teaching text-criticism in an academic setting, etc.

So don't do as Peter Head (wait until the last minute). Go to the SBL site, log in, and make your submission!


  1. Don't make fun of a sick man.

  2. Sorry, Pete, I thought you had recovered. Hope you can make your submission whilst in bed.

  3. Well, I am not actually in bed anymore. Reading your title did make me feel unwell, but now I realise it was only a spoof, designed to tease me.

  4. Actually, it was your victorious acclamation when Geoffrey Smith read his paper on a "New Oxyrhyncus Papyrus of Mark 1:1–2" that teased me first.