Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Judas Fragments

The latest stage of the gospel of Judas saga has brought a new batch of fragments. For all the gory details as well as transcriptions of the fragments, visit Marvin Meyer's dedicated webpage which I learned of via April Deconick's Forbidden Gospels blog. Meyer states that 90-95% of GJudas is now legible with these new fragments. My initial impression is that these new fragments will not significantly alter the overall discussion of the gospel.

For a synopsis of the sister codices reportedly found with codex Tchacos, visit Roger Pearse's informative webpage. I posted earlier on an announcement that the Sahidic Pauline fragments had been sent to Augsburg to be restored and edited. I can now say that these have essentially the same text of Paul as found in Chester Beatty Coptic Ms A (ca. 600 CE). The orthography has a peculiar trait which suggests that the manuscript could indeed pre-date standardization in the 4th5th centuries.


  1. Lots of information about Gospel of Judas - but does anybody know what has happened to the LXX codex of Exodus, the coptic codex of the Pauline Epistles, or the Dead Sea Scroll fragments, from Ferrini's collection?

    Matthew Hamilton
    Sydney, Australia

  2. Matthew,
    In response to your comment, I added a second paragraph to the post. In particular, you should find Roger Pearse's website particularly helpful. Thanks!