Saturday, January 30, 2010

Final Reminder: SBL International Meeting Call for Papers

This weekend is the final chance to submit a proposal to the SBL International Meeting in Tartu (deadline 31 Jan). We will have interesting presentations in the Working with Biblical Manuscript unit this year. One paper on OT TC in Jeremiah, and several NT TC papers on working with Byzantine MSS, electronic editions, and treatments of various passages. But there is still room for plenty more!

Papers on any aspect of textual criticism are welcome! Go to this page on the SBL website and make your submission.

Update: We will have at least ten papers divided in two sessions. Three are in OT TC. Several papers sound very interesting, especially one on Codex Sinaiticus. If someone out there forgot to make their submission before the deadline, it is still possible to send me an e-mail to discuss a proposal.

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