Wednesday, December 09, 2009

PhD Scholarship in OT Textual Criticism

Jim Davila announces an impressive raft of PhD scholarships at St Andrew's, including The Emanuel Tov Scholarship: for a student interested in Old Testament / Hebrew Bible Textual Criticism.
Congratulations to St Andrew's on these six scholarships to celebrate 600 years of Divinity (Cambridge is celebrating 800 years, but not in such an impressively student-centred manner).

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  1. I was a bit disappointed (=very not impressed) when I received an email announcing these scholarships, and I think that they reflect badly on the administration at St. Andrews. The names sound nice, but the actual funding is dismal. Even for a British/EU student, these sums are not enough to subsist! For a foreign student, these scholarships will not cover fees (circa 9,000 GBP), much less living costs. The simple solution is to have fewer scholarships which are targeted to get the best students. This is particularly important when you know that jobs are will be limited. The top British universities are not on the same footing with second-tier state universities in the US with regard to postgraduate funding.