Monday, December 14, 2009

4G Is Here

Today Swedish Telia, as the first operator in the world, launches a 4g-network. American Verizon and Docomo in Japan will follow later. The 4g-net is only available in the central parts of Stockholm and Oslo at this point. Theoretically the so-called LTE-technique opens for a maximum speed 100 Mbit/second. Ericsson and Huwaei are the companies that developed the technique, which will allow for new services, like streaming HD-TV. The price for this kind of connection will be around 600SEK ($85)/month, Telia says, but the introductory price, valid until summer, is symbolic 4SEK (ca 50 cents [sic!]) - I assume this means one will have to sign up for a long term subscription.

Personally, I will probably not get 4G for a long time. I just cancelled my Telia 3G broadband a week ago, since I can now connect the computer to the internet with my mobile phone like any 3G modem.

Update: Wikipedia article about 4G


  1. Tommy,
    I wish you would translate this into English.

  2. In English, 4g = a faster way for the World Wide Wait :)

  3. Pete, I just updated the post with a link to Wikipedia.

  4. That didn't really help.

    I was thinking of something like: "I thought of buying a new phone and then decided against it."

  5. "phone" being the level of technological difficulty my brain can cope with.

  6. I have a phone, and it can handle what was the most recent network technique until today, 3g. Now 4g has come= services like high-res. TV via mobile internet. Do we need this? Probably not.