Friday, August 14, 2009

The Top 20 Keywords Driving Traffic to This Site

The top 20 keywords driving traffic to this site from search engines (updated monthly on Alexa) are:

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We note that Codex Sinaiticus and textual criticism have now surpassed the devil's bible. Christian Askeland has moved into the top-20 with a coptic keyboard. Peter Head is sitll associated with something textual. I suppose randy harris is Rendell Harris, but who is charles agousi?


  1. Charles AGOUSI was apparently the scribe who inserted the PA into the text of John 7-8. He left traces of his last name in the text at v. 3, but his first name has since disappeared from the margin. Google users are still looking for it.

  2. Not only in the PA, but Mr Agousi inserted his name twice elsewhere within the Gospel of John (9:13; 18:28) -- only within that Gospel, and only in relation to someone being brought up on charges!

    This thereby indicates that not only is Mr Agousi either a lawyer or police officer, but that the extended presence of the Agousi name in the Fourth Gospel beyond the PA should be recognized as a "Johannine stylistic characteristic" (this being so, despite all the tongue-in-cheek banter).

  3. No, no, no. This is obviously a scribal-typographical error of charles agousi : charas agousi "They bring joys". There are similarities between Greek Alpha and Lambda, and E and S are near each other on the keyboard.