Friday, August 07, 2009

New fragment of 1 Peter (P. Oxy 4934)

The most recent volume of The Oxyrhynchus Papyri (vol 73), includes one new NT manuscript: P. Oxy 4934. This contains (portions of) 1 Peter 1.23-2.5 & 7-12 on papyrus, dated late III - early IV. Here are some photos (with link to the Oxy web-site):


  1. Who gave this a late 3rd early 4th date?

    Do others on this site agree?

    Looks a lot earlier to me!

  2. Any noted variation from the UBS/NA?

  3. I collated the fragment after Peter Head posted it. Here are the variant readings I noted in the first collation (lacunae outside these variants not noted here).

    2:1 pasa ] .s.un
    2:2 gala ] gela
    2:3 autw ] autwn
    2:3 egeusasthe ] eu.sasthe. (only parts of "sasthe" are visible in line 15 and there may be a letter between "u" and "s" depending on the positioning of the right hand fragment, but "eg" is clearly absent before "eu")
    2:3 xrhstos o kurios ] [xs o ks] (from the "e" in eusasthe (2:3) to the "p" in proserxomenoi (2:4) there are 19 letters using the nomina sacra - the text is lacunose, but at about 23 letters per line on average, the full spelling will not fit)
    2:4 thew ] thw (nomin sacrum)

    2:8 proskoptousin ] [pr]o[s]k.o.pso.u.[sin] ( pi tau ] psi )
    2:10 laos(1) ] OM
    2:10 theou ] thu (nomin sacrum)
    2:12 tois ] OM

    As is the nature of collating, if anyone has a different take on any of the readings I noted, please let me know. I will be glad to have a second collation to reconcile with the one I have.

    Thank you, Dr. Head, for posting these. It is always exciting to work with something new.

    In Christ,
    Steven Whatley

  4. The base text I used was NA27.

    Steven Whatley

  5. Would it be possible to post the entire entry of P Oxy 4934 from the latest Oxyrhynchus volume?

  6. The date was as given on the Oxy web site (linked to the pictures).

    I have only seen the published version briefly (Walter Cockle had a copy at the Sinaiticus conference and I snatched a look). It hasn't arrived in the library here yet. (In any case I doubt it would be appropriate to post it online).