Friday, August 14, 2009

Interesting Russian Site

I've stumbled across an interesting site, that many of you may already know about, but which I had not noticed before. evidently plans to have a significant collection of primary texts available, including all the major biblical versions. Currently their Peshitta is in a form where letters do not have ligatures, but, nevertheless to have these texts available is significant. They also have Rabbinic material. Not all links work, though I was able to get through to parts of the Tosephta. Anyway, it would be good to encourage this site, because if they deliver what it looks like they aim to, it will be excellent.


  1. How do you access the .diyu files? Apparently, "Diyu" means "Hell" in Chinese.

  2. Christian,

    The file format is DjVu (deja vu). Try for a list of browser plug-ins.

  3. Thanks, Rick. Can you recommend a plugin?

  4. I'm pretty sure I used the second one in the list of viewers (it's been a while since I installed it): Celartem/Lizardtech DjVu Browser Plug-in.

    It works fine in Firefox for OSX, and I imagine would do just as well for Windows.

  5. Which codex is that on the home page?