Wednesday, July 08, 2009

13,000 new images online

Peter Robinson has announced the launch of 13,000 new images in the Virtual Manuscript Room. These are from the Mingana Collection in Birmingham. Mingana Islamic Arabic 1572 is one of the oldest known Qur'ans. Some of the images come with no further details so that you can play a good guessing game.


  1. This is a very old Arabic form without dots, though it could be read. There is an accurate index for the images:

  2. What about all the reddish-orange dots, Fadie? Do you think they were added by a later hand?

  3. Daniel, yes I think so, though I can't decide the ink colour of the dots. Generally, I don't think critics could demonstrate the age of dots, but I could see a thin style of the dots, not reasonable in comparison with the thick form of the text itself. This may indicates another scribe put the dots, especially that there are many places must have dots, but there isn't!