Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SBL 2009 sessions announced

Access 2009 Program here.

NTTC, Saturday, 13:00–15:30

Peter M. Head: Vaticanus Distigmai
Matteo Grosso: Colossians 3:11
Gregory S. Paulson: Harmonizations in D in Matthew
Bill Warren: Spelling Tendencies of Scribes
James M. Leonard: Codex Schøyen, Alternative Gospel of Matthew

International Greek NT Project (John), Sunday, 9:00–11:30
Hugh Houghton: Chapter divisions in Old Latin John
Craig R. Koester: Use of Internal Criteria in Editing John
Rachel Kevern: Transcribing Manuscripts

TC of the Hebrew Bible (TC and Problems of Method and Interpretation), Sunday, 9:0011:30
Emanuel Tov: Latin, Aramaic, and Syriac Translations of Hebrew Scripture
Steve Delamarter: Textual History of the Ethiopic OT
Daniel O. McClellan: Anthropomorphisms and LXX Exodus
Andrew Teeter: TC and Legal Hermeneutics / Leviticus 17
Daniel Becerra: Ketib-Qere Readings and the Versions
John D. Barry: Digital Version of the BHS Apparatus

NTTC (Early Christian Literary Papyri), Sunday, 13:00–15:30
Thomas J. Kraus: Reconstructing Fragmentary Manuscripts
Dave Nielsen: Importance of New Testament Ostraca
Matthew V. Novenson: Marginal Annotation in the Papyri
Geoffrey Smith: Bodmer Miscellaneous Codex Community
Charles E. Hill: Diplai Sacra? [sic] / P.Oxy 3.405

Deuteronomistic History (TC of the Deuteronomistic History), Monday, 9:00–11:30
Eugene Ulrich: Composition, Redaction, and Textual Transmission
Martin Rösel: Deuteronomists in the LXX of the Historical Books?
Anneli Aejmelaeus: Textual Development in the MT of 1 Samuel 1 - 2
Julio Trebolle: MT and LXX in Kings

NTTC (The Two Bibles: The LXX and NTTC), Monday, 9:00–11:30
Leonard J. Greenspoon: “If I forget thee…: Remembering, and Forgetting, in ‘Scriptural Citations’ (20 min)
Martin Karrer: LXX Citations in their NT Versions
Kristin De Troyer: Quotations of "the Septuagint" in the NT
William Adler, Respondent

IOSCS, Monday, 13:00–16:00
Cameron Boyd-Taylor: Made from the Image
David Andrew Teeter: The LXX and Early Jewish Halakhah
Robert Hiebert: LXX Textual Research in the Early 21st century
John D. Barry: Using the Göttingen LXX Digital Version
Claude Cox: "Daughter Versions" of the Bible, Armenian Job

TC of Samuel – Kings, Monday, 13:00–16:00
Pablo Torijano: The Armenian Version of Kings
Elina Perttilä: Sahidic 1 Samuel
Tuukka Kauhanen: Early Church Fathers as Proto-Lucianic Witnesses
Julio Trebolle: Kings and LXX Grammar

NTTC (Textual Types of NT MSS: Emergence and Evaluation), Monday, 16:00–18:30
Holger Strutwolf: The Making of the Text-type Theory
J. L. H. Krans: Johann Jakob Wettstein
Dirk Jongkind: Samuel Prideaux Tregelles
Tommy Wasserman: Text-types and the Evaluation of Readings
Jared Anderson: Origen's Witness an Alexandrian Text
Klaus Wachtel: The Byzantine Text of the Gospels

TC of Samuel – Kings, Monday, 16:00–19:00
Christian Seppänen: David and Saul's Daughters
Dave Nielsen: Ketib-Qere Readings and the Versions
Philippe Hugo: The LXX of 2 Samuel

TC of the Hebrew Bible (Case Studies in Textual Criticism in the Prophets and Writings), Tuesday, 9:0011:30
Michael Langlois: Christian Palestinian Aramaic Version of Isaiah
Sunwoo Hwang: Intriguing Name-Changes in 2 Chron 13
Michael S. Heiser: LXX Enakim in Jer 47:5, 49:4
Eun Woo Lee: Textual and Literary History of Josh 3-4
Jean-Daniel Macchi: Why Haman became an Agagite?


  1. I came, I saw, I read ... and I made up my mind that I should be there!

    Anyone out there who wants to buy a lung - or a kidney, perhaps?

  2. I look forward to seeing you there, Ronald. I am particularly excited about the Monday evening session on text types. Perhaps, this would be a good time to have our annual banquet.

    Unfortunately, I am scheduled to present in a session parallel to the literary papyri session, as I presenting on a Coptic ms lacking John 21 in an Egyptian Christianity session at the same time.